Design Superior Down-Hole Devices

With offices in Houston, Texas, we easily can connect with top oil and gas device makers in the area. Our deep experience with down-hole devices keeps us at the forefront of innovation in the industry.


Industry Demands

  • IoT Oil and Gas Opportunities: Oil and gas companies must continue to connect people, processes, and assets across applications to gather accurate and powerful data that makes them competitive in their market.
  • Oil and Gas Reliability: Reliability in oil and gas applications is critical. Erdos Miller specializes in designing the exact solution to meet your specific needs.


Next-Generation Solutions for Measurement while Drilling (MWD)

  • Down-Hole Electronics: We work with companies to create drilling tools that have more than just marginal improvements. Our designs are efficient and robust and often prototyped with COTS hardware platforms that allow us to create products that can enter the market quickly.
  • Drilling Software: Erdos Miller also creates software automation solutions for oil and gas companies to reduce overall risk, improve drilling safety, and improve overall profitability through fleet monitoring and optimization.


Rugged Electronics for Extreme Environments

  • High-Pressure, High-Temperature Electronics: Erdos Miller creates board designs ready for the oil and gas industry‚Äôs high-temperature and high-vibration requirements.
  • Class 1 Div 1, Class 1 Div 2 Designs: We have experience with systems deployed to classified areas, helping us to anticipate issues before they ever arise.