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Erdos Miller’s team of expert LabVIEW developers and electromechanical engineers are well-known for their turnkey products, consultation, and training services. From custom measurement and control to advanced automation, including telemetry and even rugged power supply, our highly experienced National Instruments (NI) programmers can create or service advanced systems and algorithms quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Typical Projects:

  • Turnkey LabVIEW Products – Concept to Completion
  • Turnkey LabVIEW Programming – Inception to Execution
  • Code Review – Test & Confirmation of any LabVIEW Programming
  • Maintenance – Add Features & Fix Bugs in Existing Software
  • Research & Development – Highly Focused Analysis & Reporting
  • Training – Specialized training for the needs of your team.

Industries Served

  • Oil & Gas – Erdos Miller has harnessed the power of LabVIEW to control heavy Oil and Gas machinery such as Drilling Rigs, Centrifuge Systems, High Pressure test systems yielding gains in efficiency and capability.
  • Agriculture – From seeding to harvesting, we simplify large-scale agricultural diagnostics that result in improved resource preservation, engine control, and overall returns.
  • Medical – Highly customized electronics are at the heart of medical innovation. From treatment to infection control devices, our solutions help doctors and nurses spend more time on patient care and less on mitigating human error.
  • Automotive – Erdos Miller has designed easy to use, high-performance test systems for manufacturing test of automotive electronics.

“We got in contact with Erdos Miller knowing we needed a custom product for data logging and testing. They worked with us and got us exactly what we needed. They are very responsive and will deliver what you want, when you want it.”

-Isolation Technologies


LabVIEW Development & Programming

Erdos Miller – Certified LabVIEW Developers & Programmers


Our highly trained team of LabVIEW Developers & Programmers are certified in all aspects of NI programming, including Architects, Embedded Developers, Professional Instructors, and TestStand Architects. Additionally, they have all passed our rigorous hiring standards, have at least 5+ years in LabVIEW development, and are cross-trained in either electrical or computer engineering.


LabVIEW Development & ProgrammingTurnkey LabVIEW Solutions

No matter what stage of development your program, device, research, or concept is in, our team is ready to come on board. We excel at delivering highly customized products and advanced systems that achieve your aims. Plus, by pairing LabVIEW Architects & Programmers with Electromechanical Engineers, we can deliver completed products, instead of just the software.


Forward-Thinking Technology

Best of all, by standardizing the method and format of data transfer, storage, and control, Erdos Miller ensures that all parts can integrate with both existing and future systems. Given the rapid change rate of technology, this is an essential component of every project.

LabVIEW Consultation

Whether your project requires a very specific expertise outside of your own team or you simply want the security of using a certified LabVIEW developer, we can provide the leadership, direction, mapping, and validation to help provide your concept with the development it needs.

Our LabVIEW consultants excel at identifying both challenges and opportunities very early on in the development process. Contact us today to find out if our consulting services are a good fit for your next project or concept.

LabVIEW Training

Any development team is only as good as its training. Our National Instruments Certified Professional Instructors provide focused LabVIEW training with your team’s goals in mind.

Selected LabVIEW Training by Topics:

  • Actuators
  • Adaptive Control
  • Algorithms
  • Application
  • Architectures
  • Automation
  • Connectivity
  • Concurrency
  • Data Acquisition
  • Design
  • Instrument Control
  • Machine Vision
  • Performance
  • Prototyping
  • Sensors
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Software Engineering
  • Style Guide
  • Switches

Selected LabVIEW Training by System:

  • Compact-RIO
  • LabVIEW Core 1/2/3
  • DAQ
  • DIAdem
  • High-Speed Digital I/O
  • LabVIEW Embedded
  • LabWindows/CVI
  • NI FlexRIO
  • NI InsightCM
  • NI-RIO
  • NI-Ultiboard
  • NI Veristand
  • PXI
  • Single-Board RIO
  • TestStand

Contact us for a free training consultation or list of training modules relevant to your topic.

“Erdos Miller has an extremely deep talent pool, they put their customers first, they’re very trustworthy, and they definitely have our best interests in mind.”

Engenuity, Inc.


Why Choose Erdos Miller for LabVIEW Development,
Consultation & Training?

LabVIEW TrainingMany companies choose Erdos Miller for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Turnkey LabVIEW Products – Concept to Completion
  • Fixed Cost – Many clients prefer the simplicity of our fixed-bid and fixed-scope projects, instead of actively managing the hours of an internal team and risking it not working out.
  • Reduced Expenses – Keeping a team of LabVIEW experts on your payroll and their computer systems in your budget can get very expensive very fast. To keep overhead and costs down, many clients simply prefer to outsource their project development, as well as ongoing maintenance.
  • Increased Security – Because of the cost and exposure of your project, many clients prefer to give their project manager the security of using a certified LabVIEW developer.
  • Faster Development – Whether your team is too busy, lacks the resources, or is engaged with more profitable work, we can often develop your software/device faster than if done in-house. This is great news if getting it to market faster means making a greater impact.

How We Work

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Contact us today to speak to a specialist about your next big project or concept. We look forward to learning how we can help you meet your goals, as well as those of your clients.


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