How We Work

Embedded Turnkey Design

With a dedicated project manager, skilled design teams, and commercialization resources, our clients get the backing of a complete team – from the initial concept discussion to the final product.


Our approach to project design works through the following phases to lower risk and decrease time to market:


  1. Define: Initial discussions revolve around your challenge or idea and the possible solutions to most efficiently solve the situation at hand. We then develop a design and project plan to bring your solution to life so it will succeed in the marketplace.


  1. Allocate: Our experts bring energy and expertise to your project, and each project is specifically assigned three roles:
    • A project manager to ensure the project stays on schedule and on-spec
    • A team lead for implementation expertise and consistency throughout the project
    • A client manager so you know your needs are heard, understood, and translated into efficient solutions – from the initial concept discussion to the final product


  1. Design: We then work with our clients to refine business concepts identified in the Define stage and turn them into realizable, targeted products using sound engineering practices. We develop technical requirements that fit our clients’ business needs and the reality of the competitive market. Using these technical requirements, proven design practices, and our years of industry experience, we design the targeted solution for prototype development.


  1. Prototype: Using the detailed designs along with the right hardware and software capabilities (often maximizing tailored COTS hardware, expert LabVIEW programming, and development of custom components), we quickly and efficiently iterate on a design prototype.


  1. Test: We perform detailed testing that not only reflects real-world conditions but also fits within a customer’s cost and time constraints. Using our experience with highly accelerated lifetime testing (HALT), highly accelerated stress screenings (HASS), and other advanced testing methods, we can focus our testing efforts to refine the prototype while meeting all requirements with confidence.


  1. Commercialize: With direct connections to manufacturers and continuous project management, we’re able to make a seamless transition from prototype to manufacturing to shippable product. Our commercialization experience allows us to carefully craft and bring to market products that are fundamentally different and incredibly effective.


  1. Support: Our teams support applications through training and deployment. Though the product is in the field being used by your customers, we still communicate with your team during and after deployment to identify how the product is performing and assist with any issues that arise.


For turnkey device development projects, we like to be onsite often with our customers, and we are able to do that throughout Houston and Gulf Coast Region – the heart of the oil and gas industry and growing medical device advancements. Meanwhile, our control and automation projects are supported by proven by software, protocol, data transfer, and data storage IP, and can be successfully executed at any time across the country.