Medical Devices That Doctors Prefer and Patients Trust

We work with medical device makers to automate processes, improve traceability, and speed production by developing new and improved products that doctors prefer and patients trust.

Medical Device Design Opportunities

  • Medical Electronics: Robust, innovative, and efficient designs are the foundation for medical devices.
  • Medical Device Design: We create devices that are not only more reliable but also allow doctors to use leading-edge technology in their research and practice.


Medical Device Development Using Proven, Reliable Tools

  • Medical Hardware: At Erdos Miller, we use proven COTS hardware platforms to rapidly prototype new devices. With this approach, we can incorporate customer feedback easily and get devices to market faster.
  • NI Medical: Our partnership with National Instruments gives us access to the company’s proven hardware and software. The NI Medical initiative provides a platform of tools with the goals of producing safe, high-quality devices for patient care and reducing development time.
  • NI System-on-Module (NI SOM): Specifically, the NI SOM provides integrated software, graphical FPGA programming, and prototyping capabilities that significantly reduce development time, design risk, and time to market – benefits immediately realized by our customers.
  • Infection Control Devices: Erdos Miller’s expertise with automation and custom design translates to solutions like infection control tools powered by custom software. These tools allow doctors and hospitals to spend more time researching and treating patients and less time on tedious manual processes prone to human error.

Medical Regulations

  • IEC60601 Part 1 Medical Electrical Equipment: At Erdos Miller, our experience in the medical devices industry gives us continued expertise with relevant medical regulations including the general requirements for basic safety and essential performance.
  • IEC 62304 Medical Device Software: In addition, we follow regulated software life-cycle processes to ensure compliance for your final application.