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PulseTouch System3-2


The PulseTouch is a 'plug-and-play' system containing high powered intel processors for guaranteed, built-in processing power. It has an intuitive user interface designed from the ground up with the end-user in mind and remote-ops compatibility. Pulse Touch uses a proprietary algorithm optimizing pressure pulse decoding by intelligently choosing between 100+ filtering options.




SSD Storage


LED Touch Screen


XGA Resolution


Why are we bringing PulseTouch to the market?

We are #UNSTOPPABLE when it comes to MWD and arming our clients with the best technology on the market. We felt compelled to bring PulseTouch to the market to help our clients capitalize on this mountain of unrealized potential.


Our Approach

The Benefits


We believe the MWD surface systems must be built flexibly deployment to support all possible deployment scenarios. There are clients in the future who will choose to deploy conventionally or in a “person less” model and for them this software will just work.

With PulseTouch the hardware and software have been built to support all deployment models from the ground up.


We have always believed in creating a platform to be built upon. While we endlessly enjoy tailoring solutions for our clients we get real amazement when we open our systems to be built upon.

With PulseTouch we built our platform to support customizable filters and human-augmented decoding.


We believe an MWD system must be seamless, simple, and require as little training as possible. Our software and hardware have been designed to work together.

When embarking to build the Pulse Touch software, we emulated popular platforms like iOS and Android which have successfully brought powerful computing to everyone.


We believe our work is never done and that there is always room to improve on decoding technology. To us, any missed decode represents room for improvement.

We have armed Pulse Touch with powerful reporting and analytics tools such that our team and the software itself can consistently learn to deliver an ever-improving ability to decode.


We believe any great project starts with a strong foundation. Rig noise that affects mud pulse will now be a thing of the past.

We have designed a high precision, extreme low noise rig data acquisition electronics to minimize data capture of the pressure signal.


We believe that we have to have room to grow. There’s always a new frontier to conqueror and we know that we had to make our hardware platform expandable to tackle the challenges of the future.

We have designed a new MWD protocol, eBus, to support hardware expandability well into the future.


We believe in turning on a dime and solving problems fast. Therefore we designed only what need be in hardware and left all the rest up to flexible software.

Our powerful software decoder uses hundreds of filters to optimally decode the ever-changing mud pulse transmission line.


We believe in arming our clients with powerful data to help them and their own clients achieve the mission at hand. MWD signal problems are understandable and solvable with the right tools.

We have built in powerful signal analysis tools directly into the software to help you analyze and track down noise issues with pumps and other rig or downhole systems.


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