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Introducing the Mark IV:

An intuitive software that's shaping the future of mud pulse decoding.





When Fast Pulse came out, with a slight investment into the surface decoding technology, our entire industry took a huge step forward. At Erdos Miller, we couldn't help but think... what if we make a massive investment into that technology?

Mark IV is what we saw in our minds as the starting point. We designed it thinking about: the main pains of our industry, our day-to-day technologies, great user experience, machine-learning algorithms, and our vision of the future of Drilling Tech.

Today, Mark IV not only is exceeding all of our expectations, but it’s ultimately going to give us the tools and the foundation we need to keep going further, faster.

Here are the Main Specs of Mark IV:

Adapted Pulse Filters

Easy Manual Sync 

Machine-Learning Algorithms

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Very Easy-To-Use Interface

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More on the main specs of the Mark IV

  • Adapted Pulse Filters: We almost never see perfect pulses with no interference. Due to the unique nature of every BHA and pulsar and rig, what we get is this unique pulse signature on every stand of every job that’s different with every depth and every change of the mud.

    What we did is we took all of those non-idealities (which normally, any engineer would complain about) and turned them into an advantage. So as you drill forward, Mark IV is actually learning how to decode better by analyzing the signal it’s seeing on the rig.

  • Easy Manual Sync: Manually sync the pulse width and alignment in a very intuitive way.

    We always found really frustrating that sometimes you could actually see the sync, but couldn’t do much about it. Mark IV also allows to manually sync the pulse width and alignment in a very intuitive way.

  • Machine-Learning Algorithms: The great thing about human automated decoding is that its benefits begin to compound the more we use it. So, not only are we saving NPT on an existing job, but the decoding system is then learning from the human that’s providing “supervised data”.

    This is the best performing, historically, against hard data set. We now know that this is good data that we can continue training our machine-learning algorithms, so we’re getting better at decoding all the time.

  • Very easy-to-use interface: Created for intuitive usage: pinch to zoom in, scroll to move, click to open. No need for an expert to show you how it works.



Interested in the Mark IV?

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