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We make the process of owning custom technology easy.

With Erdos Miller, it’s simple.

Acquire proprietary technology that enables your business to deliver more value and showcase your unique style.

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“Erdos Miller has incredible technical expertise, they’re fast, and they get things done on time. Their team saved us tons of time, money, and resources. We are so grateful to Ken and the rest of the team for their exceptional service and highly recommend them.” – Chris Burres

Our passion is creating custom-tailored solutions that work in real world situations.

With an in-house team of electrical engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, and a team of certified LabVIEW developers and architects, we have a passion to create custom-tailored solutions that work in real world situations.

  • The Erdos Miller team works closely with our clients to take solutions from concept to completion, and ensures to continue product maintenance throughout the device’s life-span.
  • Our team has experience developing embedded electronics, software and firmware, mechanical engineering, and automation. We create solutions that can work in any environment.
  • We look forward to working with companies who are enthusiastic about their work and the possibility of creating a partnership that continues to develop innovative ways to move them forward.
  • Erdos Miller is a National Instruments Alliance Partner and promises to put the success and safety of our clients in the forefront of each and every one of our designs.

Erdos Miller Changes the Course of Oil & Gas Drilling Surveys:
Continuous Inclination and Azimuth Algorithm Poses the Possibility of Continuous, Effective Drilling


At Erdos Miller we enjoy the opportunity to work with companies who are passionate about what they do. From our initial discussion to the implementation of your customized solution, we work to create a successful partnership with your brand.

Our solution process begins with you. You come to us with a concept or idea that will generate value. We work with you to design and develop something truly unique to your company. We support you through the entire development life cycle of the product to ensure every piece continues to bring you success.



Our deep experience with downhole devices keeps us at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

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Save time, money, and resources. From custom measurement and control to advanced automation, including telemetry and even rugged power supply, our highly experienced National Instruments (NI) programmers and LabVIEW consultants can create or service advanced systems and algorithms quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

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We specialize in creating a custom device or product that suits your company’s needs and is designed to operate in any environment.

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We have the capability to take any existing device or process and enable it to do more, automatically creating something completely unique to your company.

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Typical Engagement Models

Fixed Price

Single fixed fee. Best for problems that don’t require much research and development, just smart execution.


Time and Materials

Hourly rate with materials fee. Best for projects that require significant research and development or are loosely defined.

Erdos Miller is “one of the more professional and innovative companies in the industry.”
Marcin Zajac

100% Free Quotations

Erdos Miller works side by side with our clients to build a custom plan and quotation that will achieve your goals. This quotation is done upfront and completely free to you! You don’t pay a dime until work begins on your project.

Mutual NDAs

Some projects require an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in order to discuss them at greater length. This is no problem at all – simply use our NDA template!

It’s easy. Just email caitie.rosenthal@erdosmiller.com and she will prepare the template for you. All you have to do is supply your first and last name, company name, and address.

Note: Only Ken Miller may execute NDAs on behalf of Erdos Miller.