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Case Studies

Our cost-effective solutions are customized to address client pain points and the
nuances of their industry and applications.

Case Study # 1

Decreasing MWD survey transmission time by 56% and increasing overall MWD telemetry speed by 30% without increasing costs.

Challenge: Every minute spent waiting for surveys before drilling ahead adds up to hours of NPT over the course of a well. Reducing survey transmission time and increasing data density of measurements is an ever-growing request. Operators want to streamline drilling operations reducing NPT and increasing MWD data density.

Case Study # 2 :MicroPulse 3

Reducing telemetry time by 64%-70% while providing higher image resolution using the MP3's Azimuthal Gamma Image Compression

Challenge: In a typical MWD system, telemetering 3-bins of gamma image data (with the left and right sectors mirrored) requires 27 to 33-bits, depending on the desired resolution. Telemetering 8-bins of uncompressed gamma data requires 72 to 88-bits, which would heavily affect telemetry times, update rate and image resolution.

Case Study # 3 :MicroPulse 3
MP3-CaseStudy-ErdosMiller-noBG (1)

MicroPulse 3: Continuous Inclination/Azimuth

Challenge: Evaluating the performance of continuous inclination and azimuth measurements is challenging, how do you know if what you are seeing is the actual wellbore shape, or noise, or algorithm artifacts? Can continuous inclination and azimuth measurements be relied upon for steering a well?