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Our Team

The Erdos Miller team brings their collective experience from across the oil and gas industry to create innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients.
Kenneth Miller

Kenneth Miller arrow

CEO & Founder

Chris Conger

Chris Conger arrow


Abe Erdos

Abe Erdos arrow

Electrical Engineer

Zach Gaston

Zach Gaston arrow

Chief Revenue Officer

Logan Collins

Logan Collins arrow

Chief of Staff

Saravanan Pandiyan

Saravanan Pandiyan arrow

Firmware Developer

Clayton Carter

Clayton Carter arrow

Field Support Specialist

John Gilchrist

John Gilchrist arrow

Field Support Specialist

Phillip Allen

Phillip Allen arrow

North America Sales Manager

John Amstadt

John Amstadt arrow

Engineering Manager

Rohama Khadija

Rohama Khadija arrow

Engineering Manager

Tim Gray

Tim Gray arrow

Software Developer

Jason Thai

Jason Thai arrow

Software Developer

Cameron Basham

Cameron Basham arrow

Software/Firmware Developer

David Erdos

David Erdos arrow

Product Line Manager

Nathan Szanto

Nathan Szanto arrow

Engineering Manager

Jack Baker

Jack Baker arrow

Firmware Developer

Palmer Perez

Palmer Perez arrow

Quality Control

Bryce Uresti

Bryce Uresti arrow

Assembly/Calibration Technician

Casey Mayes

Casey Mayes arrow

Inventory/ Quality Control

Kenia Garcia

Kenia Garcia arrow

Electronics Assembly Technician

Jesse Bonilla

Jesse Bonilla arrow

Production Lead

Jason Galle

Jason Galle arrow

Field Support Specialist

Thomas Mathew

Thomas Mathew arrow

Supply Chain Manager

Marliet Giraudy

Marliet Giraudy arrow

Electronics Assembly

Kim Kerswill

Kim Kerswill arrow

Electronics Assembly

Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy arrow

Quality Manager

Paul Nesbitt

Paul Nesbitt arrow

Software Developer

Will Herr

Will Herr arrow

Electronics Assembly Technician

Cheryl Bray

Cheryl Bray arrow

Software Developer

Michael Grant

Michael Grant arrow

Software Developer

Kelsie Stauffacher

Kelsie Stauffacher arrow

Accounts Receivable/Administrative Services

Jim White

Jim White arrow

Production Electrical Engineer

Amy Vanzant-Hodge

Amy Vanzant-Hodge arrow

Firmware Developer

Eric Villatoro

Eric Villatoro arrow

Electronics Assembly Technician

Jonathan Eisenbrandt

Jonathan Eisenbrandt arrow

Software Developer

Kathy Henneke

Kathy Henneke arrow

Accounts Payable / Office Administration

Max Keirn

Max Keirn arrow

Software Developer

Jennifer Costello

Jennifer Costello arrow

Reliability Specialist

Aida Dimas

Aida Dimas arrow

Electronics Assembly Technician