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Why Erdos Miller



Why work for Erdos Miller?

Here at Erdos Miller, we are very proud of what makes us different from other employers.  We believe our company deserves to exist over others given our focus on investing into and growing our team members. 

Expect your ideas, your thoughts, and your opinions to be heard and to matter. Expect to build things that matter and will be used every day by real people. Expect to sharpen your skills on new, fun, and challenging projects. Expect to grow as a professional and as a person. Expect excellent pay and benefits.

Although we have many things that differentiate us, we’d like to highlight three of them here for you.


Have you ever been frustrated at work and thought “I really wish we could just change the way we’re doing this nonsense”?

We encourage and expect everyone at Erdos Miller to challenge the status quo.  We rely on our collective creativity to solve problems.  This means that all ideas have the space to be shared and to be challenged.

You’ll have autonomy and a sense of ownership over your projects. We set goals as a group and don’t specify exactly how to get there, that’s up to you.


Be better today than you were yesterday.  Our people are always growing, primarily driven by themselves and their peers.  

Have a pet project you’d like to work on?  Want to learn a new skill?  That’s cool, you’ll get 20% of your week to work on your professional/technical/personal growth.

Want to take a training course?  Sounds great!  We fund various development opportunities for our team.

Would you like to get another tough project, except have super smart teammates to work it with this time?  We pride ourselves on the strength of our folks, they’re unstoppable in finding creative solutions.

Come hone your craft at Erdos Miller.


At Erdos Miller, we believe in being accountable for everything; always.  This is demonstrated through real-time feedback when you need it and with details.  

We also do a couple of things others might think are crazy!  
-  We have a published pay calculator.  
Anyone in the company can use it to see how their current pay was calculated, how their performance scores can raise their pay, and how much they’ll make when they got to the next level.  

-  In addition to this, we publish our Core Values (performance) scores.  
Beyond the regular feedback and your quarterly 1-1 performance reviews, each quarter you’ll get to see where you’re at amongst your peers.  

Join our team and tell us how we can improve.  Be prepared to have the favor returned.