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Eclipse Touch

MWD Surface System

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Eclipse Touch
MWD Surface System

Eclipse Touch brings you superior mud pulse detection with a touch-based modern user interface. Eclipse Touch is an ever-improving software backed by a dedicated results-driven engineering team. Each improvement of the decoding is tested against the growing database of logs so that our customers know how the algorithms perform before they are released. As our pilot customers can attest, we take feedback seriously and are always willing to improve the software based on your input.

Why are we bringing Eclipse Touch to the market?

Prior to the creation of the building Eclipse Touch, there were many driving forces that we felt needed to be accomplished. Our vision for what a decoder could truly be was not available in the market yet. During this time there was a lot of success in the industry with the advent of Fast Pulse, which helped push the technology forward but in our eyes not towards its full potential. Another part of our vision involved machine learning, big data, and overall advanced filter analysis, where we felt the market was behind. MudPulse using basic filtering techniques is an example of where we foresaw the potential for improvement. 
The new generation of employees and software users is another factor we acknowledge when creating new software. Think of how well command-line interfaces and a 1990's style desktop application would pair with each newer generation? We can agree that this would not be a good call on a rugged rig environment where time is of the essence. 
When it comes to MWD, we want our clients to be #UNSTOPPABLE and arm them with the best technology on the market. We felt compelled to bring Eclipse Touch to the market to help our clients capitalize on this mountain of unrealized potential.

Our Approach

The Benefits


We believe the MWD surface systems must be built flexibly to support all possible deployment scenarios. There are clients in the future who will choose to deploy conventionally or in a “person less” model and for them this software will just work.

With Eclipse Touch we built our platform to build on top of it to expand your organization and proprietary advantage. 


We have always believed in creating a platform to be built upon. We ask our customers drive ideas for future development to further improve our platform.

 Eclipse Touch will seamlessly fit into your organization whether you're running a person less or person service


We believe an MWD system must be seamless, simple, and intuitive. 

Proficient use in system requires minimal training and manpower. 


We believe any great project starts with a strong foundation. Rig noise that affects mud pulse will now be a thing of the past.

We have designed a high precision, extreme low noise rig data acquisition electronics to minimize data capture of the pressure signal.


We believe in arming our clients with powerful data to help them and their own clients achieve the mission at hand. MWD signal problems are understandable and solvable with the right tools.

Beyond our optimized filters that reduce noise, we also offer tools to assist in signal analysis.



We have extremely high expectations for decoding quality coupled with a big data workflow that allows us to improve.

With this, we provide the best and ever-improving decoding.

The Pulse Overdrive Feature: Drill deeper and telemeter faster! The Pulse Overdrive feature on MicroPulse (Patent Pending) allows for the pulse width and telemetry data rate to become decoupled, allowing for a faster data rate while maintaining a wider pulse width. Learn more about Pulse Overdrive HERE.


Have Decoding Data issues?

We can help! Click here to submit your decoding files.

Your Options

All options can locally sync with a laptop from doghouse/shack to the rig floor:

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The Eclipse Touch Software

The Eclipse Touch comes with the DAQ card.


The Eclipse DAQ Box

The data acquisition box can plug into an existing RFD. Please contact us for compatibility.

For a DIY DAQ Card, contact us for more information

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