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Kenneth Miller CEO & Founder
Ken began his career in automotive microcontroller development, but quickly found his niche in the oilfield: downhole tool design. Ken’s passion is for technology and finding new ways to solve old problems. He can quickly understand a new challenge and provide the leadership to deliver the best technical and business solution to customer’s needs. His business vision and leadership has grown Erdos Miller to the successful engineering and product development firm that it is today.
Chris Conger President
Chris is a people-first, process-driven leader who currently serves as the President of Erdos Miller. After graduating from Texas A&M University with an Electronics Engineering Technology degree, Chris worked at Teradyne as an engineer in the semiconductor test and automotive industries. Since Teradyne, Chris has applied his talents to building world-class teams, holding both strategic account and executive positions at Tektronix, SparkCognition, and Erdos Miller.
Abe Erdos Electrical Engineer
Electronics design is one of Abe’s passions, and has led him from designing water jet control systems, to automotive electrics, and most recently to downhole electronics design. Abe has worked on and designed electronics for virtually every part of measurement while drilling systems. His dedication to engineering, his technical skill, and ability to view challenges through a different lens has led to 6 patents and numerous oilfield innovations.
Zach is a Electronics Engineer with a passion for custom electronic device design. He loves a good challenge that forces him to learn and use innovative technology to push client’s designs out in front of their competitors.
Brian 2
Brian Fields Production Supervisor
Brian’s previous work experience includes project management at a PCB and cable harness contract manufacturer.
Logan Collins Product Integrator
Logan has almost 10 years of project management experience across a variety of fields and technologies. He’s passionate about process improvement and problem solving to help find the best solution for any issue. Before joining EM, Logan earned a B.S. in Industrial Engineering & Management from Oklahoma State University, worked for a major O&G operator, and then a small family-run business.
Grant Campbell Product Integrator
Grant has 7 years of O&G experience, the majority within the MWD sector, specializing in data analysis, product development, and project management. Grant came to EM after spending time most recently as a key member of the project management team of a major shale exploration company. Grant's background is in analytics and has a Master's degree in Mathematics.
Caitie Rosenthal Project Coordinator Specialist
Caitie grew up in Boston, MA and graduated from Wheaton College with a BA in English in 2002. She has supported Executives in the Oil and Gas industry for many years. Caitie came to EM from a small family office and is excited to join the team at this fast paced company.
Saravanan Pandiyan Product Integrator
Coming from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Saravanan Pandiyan is our Firmware Engineer in Test. His area of interest includes – Directional Drilling concepts, Computer Networking, PLCs and Automation.
Garret Hallmark Product Integrator
Garrett focuses on innovation through manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing and through finite element analysis to improve every component of downhole tools. Working in mechanical R&D for MWD and Wireline systems since graduating from Texas A&M. He has led a range of engineering projects from multi-year toolstring development to expedited quick-delivery solutions for specific jobs.
Field Support Specalist
Clayton Carter Field Support Specialist
Clayton began his journey in the oil & gas industry in 2011 as a MWD field technician. Mastering the use of multiple mud-pulse, electromagnetic and dual telemetry MWD platforms. In more recent years Clayton has held various management roles within MWD service companies as well as another MWD technology company. Clayton’s role at EM is to utilize his practical operational experience to aid our customers to extract maximum value from our products and assist wherever he is needed on their journey to success - from start to finish.
John Gilcrest Field Support Specialist
John has 8 years of oil and gas industry experience as a MWD field technician, both on land and offshore operations. Working experience includes both mud pulse and electromagnetic MWD platforms. More recently John held the role of field operations trainer for a dual telemetry MWD tool. John enjoys working with clients and providing support to field personal.
Philip was born and raised in Houston, TX. He graduated from the University of Texas-San Antonio. He has background of several years doing sales and marketing in the energy and logistics industry. He started with EM in 2018. His main priority is product sales and support.
Shannon Hayes Marketing Specialist
Shannon was raised in Rochester, NY and graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a BA in Media Communication. She has experience in various facets of marketing and is continuously staying on top of digital trends to incorporate into her career endeavors. Always striving to elevate brand awareness and leverage social campaigns, she’s excited to work with the Erdos Miller team.
John Amstadt Software Developer
John Amstadt is a Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer, and Senior Systems Integrator with over 5 years of experience working with LabVIEW and control systems software development. John graduated from the University of Houston in 2011 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering Technology.
Rohama Khadija Software Developer
Rohama Khadija graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. She started her career at National Instruments in the Applications Engineering Department with a focus on NI’s Automated Test products. She specializes in LabVIEW monitoring and control software, hardware testing for harsh downhole environments, and project management. She is a Certified LabVIEW Developer, Certified TestStand Architect, and NI Certified Professional Instructor.
Tim Gray Software Developer
Graduated Western Kentucky University with a BS in Engineering Physics with an Area of Concentration in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. Experienced in firmware, hardware design, integration of firmware and hardware, Desktop applications and embedded applications. Has significant experience designing and interfacing with downhole tools and data acquisition in the Oil and Gas industry (wire line and MWD). Also experienced in application management domain.
Jamison Gray Software Developer
Former Vanderbilt University student, Jamison Gray is a software development intern currently studying at the University of Houston. He is experienced in desktop and embedded applications environments and project management.
Jason Thai Software Developer
Jason has two Electrical Engineering degrees, a BS from University of Texas at Austin, and MS at University of Texas at Dallas. He has experience with developing embedded C software and neural network solutions with interests in Digital Signal Processing and Automation. He is excited to learn from and work with the Erdos Miller team in developing and innovating their MWD System.
Cameron Basham Junior Software/Firmware Developer
Cameron is well-versed in manufacturing troubleshooting, having worked in automation maintenance in the web offset printing industry and as an electronics technician manufacturing vibration detection equipment. In addition, he is knowledgeable in programming Python, C, and am learning LabVIEW right now. At Erdos Miller, he is learning how to build our various tools, specifically Eclipse, calibrating MicroPulses, and am programming applications to assist MicroPulse calibration.
Ashton 2
Ashton Scalise Junior Software Developer
Ashton graduated with a bachelor of science at the University of Houston. He also has an interest in automation and the latest tech.
David Erdos Electrical Engineer
David is an expert in high-reliability downhole electronics with a passion for designing products to improve the efficiency of the drilling process. David began his career in the aerospace industry working at Boeing Commercial Airplanes but was drawn to the challenges of designing innovative oilfield tools. David has led several successful product design teams where he has successfully reduced client operational costs by as much as 70%.
Kripa Nidhi Firmware Developer
Kripa began his career in the aerospace industry. He has since then led and managed teams designing control system for Automotive, Aerospace, Defense and Oil & Gas Industry.
Nathan Szanto Electrical Engineer
Nathan Szanto attended the Missouri University of Science and Technology where he received a degree in Electrical Engineering. During his time at S&T, Nathan’s research involved the incorporation of event-sampling in direct adaptive neural network control. Outside of academic pursuits, he enjoys photography and electronics.
Yifang Yang Firmware Developer
Yifang Yang graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. His area of expertise is Firmware Development and Embedded Systems design. He has experienced in downhole wireline, MWD and RSS.
Jack Baker Firmware Developer
Jack graduated from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. His career began in the aerospace industry where I developed embedded software for avionic computers. His areas of interest include operating systems, bootloaders, and device driver development. I'm excited to join Erdos Miller and apply my passion for software development to the creation of new MWD technologies.
Dieu Nguyen Assembly/Calibration Technician
Dieu has a background in contract manufacturing. She has knowledge of advanced processes and manufacturing techniques. She’s also experienced in working with downhole tools and on various projects at EM.
TJ Siddiq Supply Chain
TJ began his career with a background in sales but is now part of the EM team working with prototypes. He also specializes in working with MWD and LWD tools.
Casey Mayes Inventory
Casey has over 8 years of experience in shipping, receiving and inventory control. She enjoys taking on new challenges that force me to think outside of the box, and implementing new processes that create a more efficient workflow. Before joining the EM team, she was a warehouse manager for a contract manufacturing company. She is very excited for what the future holds for me here at EM.
Bryce Uresti Assembly/Calibration Technician
Bryce has former experience as an electronics technician and robotics. He's pursing a degree in mechanical engineering while working for EM too learn more about the oil and gas industry.
Cody Jackson Assembly/Calibration Technician
Cody began his career with a tech background being a laptop tech, to cellphones, and laser tag weapons and arena equipment. He also has experience building gyroscopes for GWD tools.
Palmer Perez Quality Control
Palmer has over 10 years of quality control experience across a variety of industries. He’s passionate about quality management and working towards building best practices that keep quality and safety in mind. Before joining EM, Palmer earned a B.A. in Communications from Prairie View A&M University, worked for a major O&G subsea drilling manufacturer, and then a defense and aerospace manufacturer. He is excited to join the EM team and help the company reach new heights.