We are Unstoppable

  • We are nimble in changing environments
  • We offer solutions, not barriers
  • We outperform our industry and our competition
  • We see no limits to technology solutions
  • We punch through complacency
  • We do not rest until the solution is delivered and we never give up
light bulb effective

We are Effective

  • We deliver fast results without compromising reliability
  • We focus on work that creates value and has excellent ROI
Open and Unbiased

We are Open & Unbiased

  • We have open and unselective communication; we communicate the positive and the unpleasant
  • We are dependable and collaborative; we work quickly, with a detail-oriented and ”get it done” mentality
  • We self-manage our work
  • We recommend solutions in the client’s best interest, even if that means a smaller sale or losing the bid to a competitor
  • We answer honestly when we don’t know the solution; and we persevere until we do
Focused on Growth

We Focus on Growth

  • We nurture our employees who in turn take care of our customers
  • We advance our employees’ skills and careers
  • We challenge our employees to leave their comfort zone to grow and evolve
  • We help our clients to grow through our engagements
  • We grow along with our clients enabling both organizations do things they never could before and reach new heights

We look for Transformative Clients

At Erdos Miller we strive to develop professional and transparent relationships with our clients.

Based on our past experiences, the companies we tend to make the best team with are:

  • Headquartered in Texas.

  • In the Oil & Gas Industry.

  • Strongly focus on own company’s growth.

  • Process-oriented with a clear management team.

  • Open to investing in technologies to further growth plans.

  • A great Culture-fit that aligns with our own Company Culture.

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