Electronics Assembly Technician

Electronics Assembly Technician Closing Date: Open until filled

In the first year, a well-suited candidate will:
  • Maintain knowledge of component ID color code, basic soldering, utilized assembly drawings, wire lists, bill of materials and specific written instruction in performing duties.
  • Build electronic assemblies using printed circuit boards and discrete components.
  • Assemble modules using steel chassis, existing electronic assemblies, and point-to-point wiring.
  • Ensure that work-in-progress jobs are staged correctly and organized.
  • Perform subassembly of components according to various blueprints, schematics, wiring diagrams, and drawings
  • Operate various measuring equipment to ensure and check quality. 
  • Communicates with other personnel about equipment, control or system issues or problems.
  • Operate basic electrical test equipment, electronics tools, and hand tools properly, safely, and proficiently.
  • Assemble electrical and mechanical components to completed assembly in prescribed sequence according to approved procedures.
  • Assemble and install either electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic components
  • Assemble and attached functional and cosmetic hardware to assemblies using hand tools and power tools
  • Perform a variety of tasks ranging from repetitive to non-repetitive production assembly operations on electronic and/or mechanical assemblies and subassemblies such as modules, boards, panels, and cables.
  • Work from diagrams and drawings, make initial layouts, and use hand and/or power tools, jigs, and saws.
  • Make continuity checks on work in process and completed.
  • May disassemble, modify, rework, reassemble, and test experimental or prototype assemblies and subassemblies according to specifications and under simulated conditions.
  • IPC Class 3 soldering ability
  • Fine-detailed work with hand tools and assembly
  • Use of adhesives and epoxies with PCBs
  • Light mechanical knowledge
  • Read assembly drawings
  • Ability to interpret complex wiring diagrams
  • Mastery of English

Firmware Developer

Firmware Developer Closing Date: Open until filled

Expect talented, motivated, intense and interesting co-workers in a work environment that will always feel like a start-up. You will work on teams as well as run your own projects. Expect to build things that matter and will be used every day by real people. Expect to sharpen your design skills on new, fun, and challenging projects. Must be willing to relocate to the Houston area. Expect excellent pay and benefits.

Duties and Qualifications

  • Write embedded firmware in C/C++ for a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)
  • Write test scripts and software test applications in C++ or Python
  • Be able to design complex software solutions
  • Deep knowledge of multiple programming languages, run-times, and libraries
  • Solve complex problems given minimal information
  • Write documentation and support material
  • Perform testing and debugging of various applications including failure analysis
  • Interface with customers to provide support for field deployments
  • Use version control (e.g. Git), test driven development, and other best practices
  • Have a good grasp of basic data structures and other computer science fundamentals
  • Optional: Experience working with Linux
  • Optional: Knowledge of circuits and basic electrical engineer design concepts are a plus.

Please provide your credentials and attach your résumé to apply.