Engineering Expert Witness

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Expert Witness Services

Erdos Miller concentrates on providing expert witness services with a strong background in drilling technology, including subsurface and surface technology, completions technology, drilling algorithms, automation, and intelligence. Our expert witness offerings will also focus on services for clients who have developed their proprietary technology in the LabVIEW programming language.

Erdos Miller’s expert witnesses can testify about specific engineering principles such as:

  • Vibration considerations
  • Estimated load handling
  • PID control loops
  • Temperature applicability

“It’s not enough to just design great technology anymore. You have to defend it as well.” –
Kenneth Miller

Those seeking expert witness services will benefit from high-quality, informative expert reports, opinions, and testimony. Erdos Miller provides access to industry experts with both theoretical and working knowledge gained from industry practice. Erdos Miller experts are well-versed in defense of intellectual property through both trade secrets as well as patents and have a track record of careful performance in depositions and hearings.