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Who We Are

Erdos Miller is an engineering and product development firm with a focus on upstream oil and gas. We increase ROI for our oil and gas customers by developing bespoke turnkey solutions that are built to last in the harshest of basins.

With an in-house team of electrical engineers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, and a team of certified LabVIEW developers and architects, we have a shared passion to build technology that works in any environment.

Our services include:


Consulting (Custom Electronic Development for Down-Hole & Monitor and Control of Surface Equipment)

Product Development

Product Development (MWD Directional Sensors & Surface Software)



Trusted By:

Baker Hughes
Chevron Phillips
Case Study #1

A global company that creates and produces flow and pressure control technologies for the worldwide oil and gas industry sought to upgrade its hardware and use real-time rugged electronics to test oil well valves and better understand how they would withstand extreme environments – in particular, in the event that a wellhead caught on fire.

It was critical that before a valve goes to market, is shipped to customers, or installed for use, the company knows how it will react in extreme environments and can test and modify the valve if needed. The client sought to understand the following four key factors:

  • Would the valve remain sealed?
  • At what temperature would the valve’s performance be altered?
  • If/how could oil leak through the valve?
  • How much oil could potentially leak?
Enhance Existing Tools
Case Study #2: Engenuity Inc.

To simplify testing and add user-friendly value, the company wanted to automate the system so that users could simply select from a screen the test that matched their specific application setup, and then direct the test to complete and provide reports. This setup would ultimately make for a leading solution that saves time and money while making drilling easier and safer.

  • Challenge: Designing an accurate, repeatable way to test blow out preventers (BOPs) for leaks.
  • Solution: Creating automated software to quickly and easily test a BOP with an existing portable tricylinder tester.
  • Industry: Oil & Gas.
  • Application: Software Development; Automation; Real-Time Control and Data Acquisition; Down-hole Electronics.