Our process begins with you. There are three ways to quickly get in touch with us:
Tell us a little about your project here on our site
Pick up a phone and dial 1.888.337.0869 to speak to live engineer
Click here: (link) to see our Project Consultants schedule and schedule a consultation.

Our team is capable of creating completely original, custom devices and software that change the way you and your customers work. Our capabilities include:
Electronics Design
Software & Firmware Development
Mechanical Engineering
LabVIEW Development
Automation, logging & Monitoring
Controls Engineering
Test Engineering

While we earned our stripes in the Oil & Gas industry, we have experience in Medical, Automotive, Government and Transportation engineering as well. Our skills are widely applicable. If we can help you be successful on a project, we will let you know. If not, we will let you know that as well. The first step is to call us and begin the conversation. 1.888.337.0869

We utilize both time and material projects, as well as fixed price projects. We work with each company to determine which works best for your situation.

Erdos Miller is a team of multi-disciplined engineers with experience creating solutions custom-tailored to your needs. We specialize in turnkey solutions that can stand up to the world???s harshest environments.