Smart Agriculture Solutions that Solve Farmers’ Most Pressing Problems

At Erdos Miller, we take everyday agriculture tools and make them smarter, more rugged, and more efficient. Our teams have the proven design, engineering, and commercialization expertise necessary to create clearly differentiated products that solve agriculture’s most pressing problems.


Opportunities in Farming

  • Precision Agriculture Technology: With accurate research, agricultural professionals can create systems that optimize returns while preserving resources.
  • Agriculture IoT: The prevalence of Wi-Fi technology allows Internet of Things (IoT) devices to connect to each other and to networks, bringing opportunities for monitoring and control to agriculture applications with IoT farming.


Next-Generation Solutions

  • Agriculture Sensors: At Erdos Miller, we use remote sensing in agriculture to help farmers create solutions for large-scale diagnostics and run their operation efficiently – from seeding to harvesting.
  • Engine Communication: Integrating high-performance, smart electronics in agriculture allows for better engine control and diagnostics.


Compliance to Important Regulations

  • SAE J1939: We create agricultural electronics that comply with critical engine control and diagnostics specifications, including SAE J1939.
  • ISO 11783: Our teams use ISO 11783 to standardize the method and format of data transfer between sensors, actuators, control elements, information storage, and display units, ensuring all parts of your solution can be integrated with existing and future systems.