IOT Cloud Integration

OPTIMIZE HOW YOU MONITOR YOUR EQUIPMENT is the ideal solution for companies who don’t have the capabilities to build their own data cloud. It is a generic platform that you can customize to work perfectly for you

DAQ.IO is a tool created by Erdos Miller to optimize how you monitor your equipment. is a completely user-friendly database that stores all the data coming off of your devices and equipment and lets you view it in customized dashboards.

Whether you’re in oil and gas, medicine, or any industrial field, it is important to be able to know how everything is functioning. is designed to store analog channels, on/off dates, events, state of device, and more. Any files or information your device creates, can store it on your own version of the cloud.

Need to monitor how your equipment behaves over time? makes it easier to analyze trends by plotting all information in a user-friendly view. We can help you set up a few dashboards to show you how it works and help you get started utilizing’s capabilities immediately.

Erdos Miller can use to host your information in the cloud using your own virtual or physical server, or you can host the cloud yourself and push everything there. is a high-security system designed to protect your information in the cloud.

Instead of spending months or years developing your own custom solution, can take your enabled devices and get them online in a day. Erdos Miller will help you set up your system quickly by re-using and enhancing your current technology. Once it is ready anyone in your organization can easily use and customize it, even non-engineers.

– Remotely Monitor Your Equipment On a Customized Cloud
– Tailor Your Dashboard To Your Industry
– All You Need is a Device & an Internet Connection

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