About this webinar

Ken Miller presents the various capabilities of our FREE Software, the WITS Simulator. WITS Simulator is a simple tool for developing and testing WITS-based communications devices and software. WITS is a fundamental part of technology, you can find it on any drilling rig. It is an old technology having origins all the way back to the 80's providing it's sole purpose of machine to machine data exchange. Check out the full webinar recording here.


From watching this Webinar Replay you will get:

  • Ways to optimize your WITS development and testing.
  • A full review of the WITS Simulator and its capabilities.
  • A hands-on approach to learning the components of the WITS Simulator.
  • An understanding of the customization features for your data.
  • A real world example on the rigsite.
  • Answers by Ken Miller to the great questions the viewers had!



About the WITS Simulator

Erdos Miller's WITS Simulator has become an essential tool for anyone working with or developing WITS-based communications devices and software all over the world.

Since it was first launched in 2017, the free WITS Simulator tool has been downloaded by more than 800 Oil & Gas industry professionals, including: Technology Managers, R&D Engineers, Operation Managers, Product Managers, Field Engineers, Project Specialists, High-level Executives, and Students. 


Download the last version of Erdos Miller's WITS Simulator (V3.2.0, from March 2020)


This is the version that we will be using during the LIVE Webinar. Please make sure you have the updated version!

If you’re developing or deploying software anywhere the WITS specification is used, EM's free WITS Simulator can help you reach your goals faster.

It is built on top of our field-proven WITS Library for LabVIEW. The WITS toolkit has been deployed in multiple products and has exchanged information with major WITS vendors.

Download the WITS Simulator

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