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Azimuthal Gamma Controller


The Azimuthal Gamma Controller (AGC) brings azimuthal gamma measurements to probe-based MWD systems. Most commercially available focused gamma sensors are supported for flexible system configurations. Focused gamma sensors can be mated directly to the AGC and provide measurements on pin 8, 11, or 12. Real-time measurements available over qMIX or CAN allow for real-time geosteering decisions to be made, while a high-resolution16-bin image is logged to memory for post-run analysis.


Gamma Inputs


Sector Real Time

16 Bin

Memory Log





In addition to azimuthal gamma ray measurements, the AGC offers three-axis shock and vibration measurements along with stick slip measurements allowing for real-time corrections to drilling dysfunction. Drilling dynamics measurements are available both real-time and logged to memory. With over 1,000 wells drilled and 150,000+ downhole hours, the MicroPulse platform is proven and trusted.

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