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Case Study: Decreasing MWD survey transmission time by 56% and increasing overall MWD telemetry speed by 30% without increasing costs.


DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY: Erdos Miller's High Speed MWD Telemetry

For this case study, we worked with one of our partners, Pro Directional, to field test the benefits of using both Survey Compression and Pulse OverDrive (Patent Pending) to reduce survey transmission time and increase data density.


The Challenge

Every minute spent waiting for surveys before drilling ahead adds up to hours of NPT over the course of a well. Reducing survey transmission time and increasing data density of measurements is an ever-growing request.

Operators want to streamline drilling operations reducing NPT and increasing MWD data density.


The Solution

Upgrading MWD systems with Erdos Miller’s MicroPulse MWD electronics enables the reduction of survey time. With the Pulse OverDrive and the Survey Compression technology, calculated surveys can be transmitted in 22 seconds versus 50 seconds.

Download the Case Study here.


The Results

  • Decreased MWD survey transmission time by 56%.
  • Increased overall MWD telemetry speed by 30% without increased cost.
  • Twice as many Continuous Inclination samples and 30% more dense gamma logs.
  • 6,885 additional toolfaces.

Download the High-Speed MWD Telemetry Case Study