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Case Study: Reducing telemetry time by 64%-70% while providing higher image resolution using the MP3's Azimuthal Gamma Image Compression.


DOWNLOAD THE CASE STUDY: Azimuthal Gamma Image Compression

For this case study, we worked with one of our partners, Pro Directional, to test and deploy 8-sector azimuthal gamma image compression on their fleet of MicroPulse 3 MWD tools. MicroPulse azimuthal gamma image compression provided a superior image over commonly used 3 and 4-sector images without utilizing any additional telemetry time while delivering a superior azimuthal gamma image.


The Challenge

In a typical MWD system, telemetering 3-bins of gamma image data (with the left and right sectors mirrored) requires 27 to 33-bits, depending on the desired resolution, telemetering 8-bins of uncompressed gamma data requires 72 to 88-bits.

Transmitting 8-bins of uncompressed azimuthal gamma image data can be prohibitive from a telemetry time and update rate standpoint, as a result, telemetering 3-bins of uncompressed azimuthal gamma image data is much more common, despite the reduced image resolution.


The Solution

The MicroPulse 3 now supports azimuthal gamma image compression which can compress 8-bins of azimuthal gamma data into 26-bits (24 data bits + 2 parity bits) of telemetry, reducing the required telemetry time by 64-70% versus 8-bins of uncompressed azimuthal gamma image data.

This brings the required telemetry time for compressed 8-bin data in line with the current commonly used method of transmitting 3-bins, while providing a higher resolution image that does not make any assumptions regarding the symmetry of the image.

Download the Case Study here.


The Results

  • The MicroPulse 3 compressed and telemetered 8-bins of azimuthal gamma data using only 26-bits of data (a 64% savings versus uncompressed) and performed exceptionally, allowing the geologists to geosteer the well successfully.

    This field test demonstrated the capabilities of the MicroPulse 3's azimuthal gamma imaging and compression algorithms by enabling our pilot customer to provide full azimuthal gamma imaging services to their customer utilizing the MicroPulse 3 directional controllers already in their fleet.

Download the MicroPulse 3 Azimuthal Gamma Image Compression Case Study