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Company Product Showcase


Company Product Showcase

This page presents our partners we've worked with creating innovative technologies.
We are proud to work with the companies displayed below:

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HI TOOL® Data Logger
Frank's International

The Data Logger is a downhole drilling dynamics sensor package specifically tailored for the HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool. It consists of two sensors positioned above and below the deflection point of the HI TOOL®, allowing for dynamics data to be recorded throughout drilling operations, illustrating effectiveness of shock absorption and vibration decoupling.


Other applications include: Additional data acquisition for more effective downhole decision-making and modeling drill string vibration modes.


Main Benefits and Features

  • Accentuates capabilities of already proven HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool.
  • Simple design provides easy sensor removal and facilitates data downloads at well site.
  • Directional attitude measurements can be used to quantify downhole tool deflection.
  • Custom configuration ensures alignment with specific well details and data targets.
  • Options available for data collection via dedicated carrier sub.

At Erdos Miller, we are passionate about developing great Measurement While Drilling technology.

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